Frequently Asked Questions

Browsing these FAQs will help you get a better understanding of our farm and fruit.

Do you spray/use chemicals?/Is your fruit organic?

  1. We spray as little as possible. First, because it is expensive; and second, because it's time-consuming.
  2. Every chemical we use is applied according to the label which is approved by the EPA, FDA, and every other federal agency which oversees food safety.
  3. The weather in Michigan is not conducive to organic production.  Much of the organic produce marketed in the United States is grown in deserts where disease and fungus is non-existent (think Central Valley California or Yakima Valley Washington).  What do deserts have in common?  It rarely rains!  In Michigan, disease pressure is high due to spring rains and summer humidity. In order to produce a commercially-viable product, we must apply chemicals or the fruit would have major disease problems.
  4. We eat what we produce.  Our children eat what we produce.  Our friends, neighbors, and relatives eat what we produce. We have ZERO concerns about the chemicals we use on our fruit.

What quantity do I have to buy?

We sell retail and wholesale.  We have carried half-peck bags out to people's cars at the same time a semi-truck is being loaded.

Do you have a u-pick?

No.  We have tried it on several occasions over the decades and each time have lost faith in humanity.  It seems that humans inherently want more of the product than they are willing to pay. We have watched people stash fruit in secret compartments in their vehicle, hidden fruit in their purses, and taught their children that those behaviors are ok.  So we stopped allowing people to pick their own fruit.

We want people to enjoy the best fruit possible (and we don't want to call the police again), so that means letting us pick and pack it.

Where are you located?

We are located at two locations for your (and our) convenience. Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm we are located at our packing facility at 3255 E. Shawnee Rd. Berrien Springs. Saturday (9-5:30) and Sunday (1-5) we are located at our home farm at 10267 Garr Rd. Berrien Springs.  The home location is only open during August, September, October, and until Thanksgiving.  After working 6 1/2 days a week for that long, we need a break to recharge and spend some time as a family.


Where can we find additional information?

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What does it mean that your apples are stored in "controlled atmosphere" storage?

Typical atmosphere has oxygen levels of 21% oxygen and 0-.1% carbon dioxide.  We place our apples into refrigerated rooms that are airtight when we seal them.  Once the door is sealed, we utilize various equipment that pumps the oxygen out of the room and takes it to a level around 2%.  We also allow the carbon dioxide level to rise to 1-2%.  By creating this atmosphere, the apples (or anything else that is alive in the room!) literally cannot breathe and that prevents the apples from ripening.  Once we are ready to retrieve the apples, we break the seal on the door and allow the room to return to normal atmospheric readings in order to safely enter the room and haul the apples to our packing facility.  This state-of-the-art technology is a great way to ensure that you are pleased with our apples through the winter and early spring.